the Dolomites

The culture and history of the Pale Mountains

They are not just mountains, but a heritage to be preserved and passed on to future generations. The Dolomites, which are celebrated all over the world and recognised in 2009 as a World Heritage Site by the Unesco, are much more than just beautiful, multiform and colourful peaks that have made them a highly appreciated tourist destination. They are an ecosystem that lives in symbiosis with the communities that have always lived there. A borderland which was the tragic setting of the Great War, where different idioms are spoken and centuries-old traditions are preserved. In Alta Badia you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the Ladin community, participating in events or visiting the museums in the valley, among which we would like to highlight the Ladin Museum in San Martino in Badia, which illustrates the history of the Ladins from their origins to the present day.